Is the era of Tiger Woods over?
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Is the era of Tiger Woods over?

ORLANDO, FL - MARCH 13: Tiger Woods is named captain for the United States team for the 2019 President's Cup in Melbourne, Australia prior to the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard at Bay Hill Club and Lodge on March 13, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Chris Condon/PGA TOUR)

Tiger Woods took the world by storm when he dominated the golf scene for well over a decade. Everything was going his way, from record-breaking championship and tour wins, to multi-million-dollar endorsements from leading companies. Nothing seemed to go wrong for the charismatic golfer, whose legendary swing was like no other. 

But, as Woods cemented his status as one of the finest golfers, cracks began to show, and sadly, widened to the extent of threatening to break his career. He could no longer play with the swagger associated with the famous “Tiger Roar." Suddenly, Woods began slipping down the world rankings and making misses that most assumed he would easily manage in his sleep. 

While his Masters win was viewed as the greatest comeback of 2019 by most golf experts, the fact that Tiger was super dramatic and excited with his performance proves how far he has fallen. Granted, he will go down as one of the greatest golfers ever, but is there something missing from this Tiger that doesn’t seem to roar as much or as aggressively as before?

This led most fans, pundits and critics alike, to wonder whether the Tiger Woods era might be coming to an end. Let’s look at three reasons why Woods’ career might never be the same.

The Emergence of Younger Players 

Gone are the days when online casino sites such as Gclub were almost certain Woods would dominate his opponents and win a championship. Young talents like Brooks Koepka and Rory Mcllroy, especially the latter, have never looked back since emerging as top talents with great golfing potential. 

Although Woods can reclaim some of his past titles (which is very difficult), it won’t be guaranteed since he has young, energetic and highly motivated competitors to contend with. 

 The Threat of His Personal Life Holding Him Back

Being completely honest, no man can properly function in any career when his mind is not focused. And that, according to most pundits, was the main reason for Tiger's unbelievable fall from grace. If it wasn't personal problems with his wife, it was issues with his coach or members of his illustrious team.

Despite Tiger getting props for a job well done at the golf course, we can't assume the importance of his team during his preparations. It looks highly impossible that Tiger can reassemble such a team that saw him become a golfing legend at the height of his career. In fact, his personal team in changing now.

Consistency Might be Hard to Come By 

Just like everyone else, Tiger is not growing any younger. In fact, in regard to golf, his age and motivation might not allow him to maintain the high level of performance that everyone had become accustomed to during Tiger’s peak years. 

While there might be the urge to prove to the world that he can relive his glory days, Tiger will not be as hungry as younger players, who are desperate to etch their names in history books just like Tiger. 

Did Tiger make an incredible comeback at the 2019 Masters? Yes, he did. Will he manage to rack up win after win? Only time will tell—but for now, the odds appear pretty bleak that one of the greatest golfers in history might rediscover the imperious form that saw him mercilessly dominate all opponents.

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