The 5 most remarkable things about Patrick Cantlay's hot-mic moment at Kapalua
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The 5 most remarkable things about Patrick Cantlay’s hot-mic moment at Kapalua

Patrick Cantlay earned himself a whole lot of attention in the final moments of Friday’s second round at the 2020 Sentry Tournament of Champions when he was caught on a hot mic saying the F word (fuck) on the 17th tee box at Kapalua Resort’s Plantation Course.

At first, many fans seemed to think Cantlay was speaking as himself, talking about “I’ve been waiting for this weather for 40 years” for the kind of windy conditions the players were facing Friday. Then Cantlay said something about “these pampered fucks need to play.”

And he rounded out the discussion with his caddie by saying the duo only had two more holes to play, and then they could get a mai tai.

It was live-mic gold, but there’s so much to appreciate in a 25-second clip that we wanted to dig a little deeper and share the five most remarkable things about what unfolded on the tee box.

The five most remarkable things about Patrick Cantlay’s hot-mic moment

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Mark Rolfing was calling his potentially being made fun of

Cantlay seemed to be making fun of Mark Rolfing, who has lived in Hawaii for some 40 years — a fact that’s routinely mentioned during the Aloha Swing and, in particular, at Kapalua — or people like him who have been around the game a long time.

Pampered fucks

Cantlay could also have been making fun of the older guard and older fans who think modern players have it too easy with better course conditions, superior equipment and huge purses. Hence the “pampered fucks” line. “Pampered fucks” is such a great turn of phrase. How can you not find that funny?

Mai tais

There is no less of a Patrick Cantlay drink than a mai tai. Outwardly, Cantlay seems like the last guy who would love a fun, fruity, tropical-themed drink. He honestly seems like a guy who would drink 10 vodka sodas with lime before he went to a cocktail like a mai tai. And maybe he didn’t even get the mai tai after the round. It could have been totally sarcastic.

Score one for live mics

Golf fan after golf fan would tell you they love hearing the players in candid moments on the golf course. We’re typically talking about player-caddie conversations about yardages and how shots are executed and the like. But this player-caddie conversation was different, and it was revealing in a great way. It was a guy in a moment of candor. More of this. Just maybe don’t air them live.

For the record, I would love if the PGA Tour Primetime replays on Golf Channel had almost no commentary and almost exclusively aired the footage with players on live mics. Same with PGA Tour Live.

Cantlay could get fined for this

There’s a greater-than-zero chance the PGA Tour fines Patrick Cantlay for swearing on a hot mic that was broadcast. It’s not really his fault. He had no idea the mic was live, much less that what he was saying was being broadcast live on-air for all to hear. While the PGA Tour wants fans to get to know players, at least in concept, they want fans to know players in a glowing light. They might disagree, but this half-minute reveals something interesting about Cantlay — a guy who intentionally shows almost zero personality in media obligations.

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