Eddie Pepperell wins bet with Martin Kaymer, gets to set up Kaymer on 'Celebrity First Dates' show
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Eddie Pepperell wins bet with Martin Kaymer, gets to set up Kaymer on ‘Celebrity First Dates’ show

Over the course of a long golf season, pros have to find a way to stay motivated in every round and focused on every shot. For Eddie Pepperell, his Friday motivation at the Portugal Masters was to find Martin Kaymer's true love.

Pepperell was paired with the two-time major winner for the first two days at Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course, and the pair were going along well after Day 1. So, to spice things up on Day 2, Pepperell and Kaymer made a bet. If Pepperell could beat Kaymer straight-up in Friday's second round, Pepperell would then try to sign up Kaymer for a show called "First Dates" in the United Kingdom.

"I'll tell you what's driving me on today. Me and Martin had a bet today," Pepperell told the European Tour TV crew mid-round. "If I beat him today, then I have to apply for him to take part in the 'First Dates' celebrity show back home to try to find him his life partner. Because, you know, he needs one. So, that's really what's spurring me on."

As the name might imply, the show pairs people up on first dates and sees if the sparks fly. Over the last several years, there has been a celebrity run of the show to raise money for Stand Up to Cancer. The show is filmed at a restaurant, set up and staffed specifically for the show, outfitted with an outrageous number of cameras that film the proceedings.

Pepperell didn't even make it much of a contest. He shot 66 on Friday to Kaymer's 70, winning the bet by four shots.

Naturally, moments after the round ended, Pepperell was on the phone with someone connected to the show.

Who knows if this will lead to Kaymer getting himself on "First Dates" at some point in the future, but that Pepperell (and Kaymer) made this ridiculous of a bet shows you just how great the European Tour is.

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