Srixon unveils Soft Feel Brite golf balls

Srixon unveils Soft Feel Brite golf balls

Srixon is adding some color to their Soft Feel line, releasing the Soft Feel Brite golf balls.

What golfers are going to notice first is the matte colors available, including Brite Orange, Brite Red and Brite Green. Not every golfer loves colored balls, but the Venn diagram of golfers who like to play with non-white balls and softer compression has a sizable overlap compared to tour-caliber balls.

However, there's more than the surface layer -- er, cover -- though the Soft Thin cover is designed for improved greenside spin and softer feel on short-game shots. The cover has a 338 Speed dimple pattern, constructed to reduce drag and increase lift for more distance while maintaining straighter ball flight.

On the inside, the Energetic Gradient Growth core starts softer, with a lower compression near the center and gets firms as the ball gets closer to the perimeter to maximize ball speed.

The Srixon Soft Feel Brite golf balls are now available for $20 per dozen.