Ping to offer Arccos Golf smart grips on custom-order equipment

Ping to offer Arccos Golf smart grips on custom-order equipment

Ping has become the latest manufacturer to offer Arccos Golf's smart grips, announcing they will now be available with custom-order equipment.

As part of the deal, Golf Pride will be the company creating and providing the smart grips in the Tour Velvet 360 model, which features an embedded sensor that records each shot in concert with the Arccos Caddie app. Users can then track their golf performance with the GPS-logged data, which is laid over top the courses they play to give golfers a better idea of where they excel and struggle with the game. Further, the Arccos Caddie app can be used for a fee to make suggestions on which clubs a player should hit through a round to maximize their performance.

“We’ve been tracking and studying ball-flight data since the early days of Ping Man through a variety of methods,” said company president John K. Solheim. “We were the first golf company to purchase a TrackMan and now with Arccos, average golfers have access to data previously only available to tour professionals. The app collects true distances from actual shots hit on the course, tracking your best and average shots while being smart enough to ignore your extreme misses. This ‘intelligence’ leads to club recommendations that give you the best opportunity to play your best.”

Ping customers will receive a 90-day free trial with the Arccos Caddie platform with their purchase. After the 90 days, the platform costs $100 per year. However, to access the Ping version of the Arccos Caddie app, a golfer will need to have 14 clubs outfitted with the smart grips or Arccos smart sensors, which can be screwed into the butt end of any grip. The grips or sensors cost $10.50 each through Ping.

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