Club Car's new Tempo Walk offers golfers the benefits of a motorized caddie
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Club Car’s new Tempo Walk offers golfers the benefits of a motorized caddie

You may know a friend who has a motorized walking cart. They're pretty sweet. It's just like any other walking cart, except it's powered by a battery and the golfer has a remote control they can use to direct their cart where it needs to go.

Some of the carts use the remote control, in part, as a beacon for the motorized cart to follow the golfer wherever they go while maintaining a safe distance.

These kinds of devices are a delight to use once a golfer gets a hang of it, but the cost of purchasing and maintaining one -- particularly the battery -- can be way more than a golfer is comfortable paying.

Recognizing this, Club Car is coming to market with a new product golfers can rent at facilities near them which will provide this functionality and more. They call it the Tempo Walk, and it's starting to be rolled out at golf courses in the United States.

The Tempo Walk is meant to be a fleet-style vehicle to complement carts, giving an alternative to golfers who don't want to sit in a cart all afternoon but also don't want to lug their bag on their back or push a walking cart they may or may not own. The Tempo Walk has an aluminum body and runs on a lithium-ion battery, big enough to carry a 36-hole charge. The product weighs 95 pounds, and it moves at 7 mph, easily faster than the average human walking.

A golfer loads their bag on the Tempo Walk and straps it in, just like on a regular cart vehicle. The Tempo Walk has what golfers would expect from a push cart, too, including a cup holder, cooler, divot repair and sand bottle. contains a lithium ion battery which holds a 36-hole charge. It moves up to 7 mph and weighs 95 pounds. The product also has a USB port for charging mobile devices and a touchscreen tablet for GPS functionality.

The Tempo walk is slightly larger than many of the motorized walking carts you've probably seen, but that's in part to provide reliable stability and traction for any surface, as well to provide space for features not always found in this product category.

As more young players shun golf cars in favor of walking the golf course -- and as more resorts, in particular, do away with carts -- the Tempo Walk can be a viable options for players and course operators.

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