Perfect Number Podcast, Ep. 4: Golf's health with GNN's Ryan Ballengee
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Perfect Number Podcast, Ep. 4: Golf’s health with GNN’s Ryan Ballengee

Yes, the NCAA Tournament is the next major sporting event to keep an eye on, but with the Super Bowl in the past, there is a gap in the sports landscape that needs to be filled. Is golf poised for a bigger piece of the pie?

With the help of Ryan Ballengee of Golf News Net, we talk everything:

  • Is Jon Rahm becoming #1 so quickly a good thing?
  • What is the perfect number of players at the top of the sport?
  • How do economic changes impact the sport?
  • What is the equipment story of 2018?
  • Was JB Holmes in the right or wrong taking four minutes to hit a shot?

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