From Ship Sticks comes Ship Skis, a service to ship your skis instead of your golf clubs
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From Ship Sticks comes Ship Skis, a service to ship your skis instead of your golf clubs

The team behind Ship Sticks was on to something when they realized a white-glove service to gets your golf clubs from Point A to Point B, then back or to Point C or wherever, would be a hit with golfers who didn't want to drag their golf clubs to the airport, pay to put them on the plane, then drag them to their accommodations before potentially lugging them again to the golf course at their destination.

As more airlines charge more money for each bag you check, Ship Sticks is an increasingly appealing option for golfers. It's also a great option for travelers on the go who might need their clubs where they are, without having the option of putting them on a commercial flight with them.

So, the team behind Ship Sticks decided to expand their horizons a little. They realized getting skis from one destination to another by plane is also a horrible experience, and they wanted to fix that problem, too. Hence, Ship Skis. Same concept, but for skis and snowboards and that kind of alpine equipment. The Ship Sticks or Ship Skis services find the best shipping rates to get your club from one place to another in the exact timeframe you need them.

You've probably already seen the commercials and wondered if they're the same company. Yup, they are. Founder Nick Coleman had tipped us off to the coming of Ship Skis at the PGA Merchandise Show. While it took a little longer than he probably wanted, Ship Skis is here and offers another strong service for sports enthusiasts.

A more formal luggage-shipping service can't be all that far behind, can it?

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