Japanese PM Shinzo Abe tumbles backwards trying to get out of bunker as Trump watches
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Japanese PM Shinzo Abe tumbles backwards trying to get out of bunker as Trump watches

President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appear to have a good rapport and a relationship built, at least in part, on their joint love for golf. They played on Nov. 5 for the second time since Trump became Commander-in-Chief in January, and they were joined by all-world pro Hideki Matsuyama.

Things appeared to go smoothly, but it wouldn't be a round of golf without something ridiculously funny happening. Unfortunately for Mr. Abe, he was the butt of the joke.

As shot from a camera overhead 2020 Olympic golf host Kasumigaseki Country Club, the footage shows Abe hitting out of a fairway bunker with Trump looking on the shot. Abe pulls it off fine enough, then is greeted in the bunker by a caddie who would rake the sand to look like no one had been in there. Meanwhile, Abe is trying his best to run his way up a slope and get out of the sand and back onto grass.

Unfortunately for Abe, he either didn't have enough momentum or lost his footing because he is then filmed hilariously falling backwards into the bunker he just left. Abe plays it cool, however, and quickly gets up, dusts himself off and gets out of the bunker as though the prior 3 seconds didn't happen.

Funny stuff happens on the golf course all the time, but the best way to avoid making a fool of yourself while getting out of a bunker is to exit in the flattest place possible. No need to show off those calves or your time on the stairclimber just to potentially tumble back into the sand like David Hasselhoff.

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