How many beers fit inside the Wanamaker Trophy?
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How many beers fit inside the Wanamaker trophy?

The Wanamaker trophy, which goes annually to the winner of the PGA Championship, is the biggest major championship trophy in golf.

The Masters trophy is a replica of the Augusta National clubhouse. The US Open trophy is a sizable cup, but it's not as large as the Wanamaker. The British Open trophy, the Claret jug, is smaller than the US Open trophy.

Among the three major championship trophies that you could drink out of, all have seen their fair share of beverages poured in them over the years. Plenty of milk, sure. Soda, alright. And, yes, beer.

There's a bit of debate about how many beers fit inside the Wanamaker trophy. The 1995 champion, Steve Elkington, has said he knows the Wanamaker trophy can hold 42 beers. The 2013 champion, Jason Dufner, says he could pour 43 beers inside the Wanamaker.

Obviously, the Wanamaker trophy isn't getting any bigger, but it seems like it can hold anywhere between 42 and 43 beers, depending on how much head you get pouring beers and if you steal a few swigs as you're dumping out three-and-a-half 12-packs into this amazing trophy.