Rory McIlroy hit a 1,176-yard 9-iron, according to a TNT PGA Championship graphic
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Rory McIlroy hit a 1,176-yard 9-iron, according to a TNT PGA Championship graphic

Rory McIlroy hits the golf ball a long way; that's for certain. The range at 2017 PGA Championship host Quail Hollow in Charlotte couldn't contain his massive, 350-yard drives earlier in the week. However, there's no way McIlroy could hit a 9-iron 1,176 yards. Right?

TNT, who is airing the first two days of the PGA Championship, made a mistake on their yardage-to-the-hole graphic for McIlroy on the second hole, saying he had 1,176 yards to the hole. Obviously that was 176 yards, which is still pretty insane for a 9-iron. The other problem is that the hole is 458 yards long.

Even on a 7,600-yard golf course, have a 1,176-yard shot sounds pretty ridiculous.

You're going to hear the term Green Mile a lot this week to hear about the closing three-hole stretch of 16, 17 and 18 at Quail Hollow. It's meant to sound scary, especially if you've read the Stephen King novel. However, if you add the first hole to the Green Mile, you can actually get 1,760 yards -- or how many yards are in a mile.

As for Rory? His 1,176 yards was basically a Green Kilometer, plus 83 yards.

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