What is the longest putt ever made in golf history, certified by Guinness?
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What is the longest putt ever made in golf history, certified by Guinness?

The longest putt ever made in the history of golf -- at least as verified by Guinness World Records -- is 395 feet.

The putt was made by the Australian YouTube trick-shot team How Ridiculous on the fifth hole at Point Walter Golf Club in Australia in February 2017.

The previous record for the longest putt not in a golf tournament was 375 feet. On Nov. 6, 2001, Fergus Muir was playing the Eden Course at St. Andrews in Scotland. Seeing his two playing partners miss the green with their tee shots, Muir decided to tee off with his 80-year-old, hickory-shafted putter from 125 yards. The putt was a perfect one.

“We saw the ball go towards the two-tier green over the undulating mounds in the fairway and then lost sight of it,” Muir said.

At the green, he was amazed to find he had holed the putt for the first hole-in-one of his life. Figuring the putt was a really long one, the group contacted the Guinness World Records, which did their investigative work to verify the putt and its authenticity. Once they did, Muir's putt was recognized as the longest putt ever made.

On the PGA Tour, this would not have counted. In professional golf, a putt is only recognized if it starts on a putting green as created by the course design. But, that doesn't matter here.

There are two putts considered the longest putts made that have been televised. Dave Pelz made a 200-foot putt, captured by film and aired on Golf Channel.

Michael Phelps made a 159-foot putt on the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland during the 2012 Dunhill Links Championship on the European Tour.

Think about the longest putt you've ever made. Maybe a 50-foot putt? Maybe 75 feet? Is there a longer putt someone else has made? Maybe, but it's hard to imagine.

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