Jack 'The Hammer' Hamm wants you to get off hitting long drives
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Jack ‘The Hammer’ Hamm wants you to get off hitting long drives

Jack "The Hammer" Hamm has been yelling while smashing drives for years. Pow! Boom! Ka-pow!

The Hammer claims to be the only man to ever average 400 yards off the tee. In what competition, we do not know. Not the PGA Tour. Probably not the Long Drivers of America. Maybe in the League of Guys Who Hit Golf Balls Over Mountains.

Either way, The Hammer wants you to learn his secret to smashing monster drives...that are so good, you'll apparently have an orgasm.


So, he wants you to go to his website, where The Hammer promises to "Add 30 Yards To All Your Shots. Lower Your Score By 20 Shots. Increase Your Club Head Speed By 20% and Drop Your Handicap By 10. Guaranteed!" All you have to do is buy a $30 e-book, a $40 DVD and submit a 20-second swing for $80 for what's estimated to be a $10,000 private swing analysis done by The Hammer himself.

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