Srixon Golf Z-Star, Z-Star XV, Q-Star golf balls: Preview, photos, specs, release date

Srixon Golf Z-Star, Z-Star XV, Q-Star golf balls: Preview, photos, specs, release date

Srixon Golf makes some great golf balls that probably do not get the level of consumer attention they deserve considering their performance and technology.

The company is hoping to lure more players to their fifth-generation Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls, updating both products to continue pushing the product forward.

As in prior generations, the Z-Star is a three-piece ball designed with more greenside control and spin, with the Z-Star XV being the distance option. Both balls sport a new rubber core, dubbed the Energetic Gradient Growth core, which has varying degrees of firmness, with the core getting firmer the farther outside from the center. On the XV model, it's a two-piece core, with the inner layer now softer and larger, while the firmer outer layer helps pick up ball speeds. The idea is to pull the best benefits from a firm core and a soft core, all happening under a urethane cover.


The third generation of Spin Skin coating offers additional, consistent greenside spin, while a new 338-dimple pattern improves aerodynamic ability to add distance while maintaining control.

The Z-Star comes in at 88 compression, representing a two-point drop from the 2015 generation, with a goal of higher launch and less spin with the driver. The Z-Star XV comes in at 105 compression points, and is really geared toward players who can top 110mph swing speed with the driver.

There's also a new ball in the Q-Star line, with the Q-Star Tour being a lower 75-compression, softer option with the Energetic Gradient Growth core. This ball, with a 324-dimple pattern, is designed for slower swing speeds, closer to 90 mph.

The Srixon Golf Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls will be available Feb. 17 for $40 per dozen (a $5 drop from the 2015 line).

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