PREVIEW: Cobra Golf King F7 and F7+ drivers, fairway woods and hybrids
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PREVIEW: Cobra Golf King F7 and F7+ drivers, fairway woods and hybrids

With its King F7 and F7+ line of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, Cobra Golf is trying to accomplish a few things.

First, it's trying to unify the lines, making them closer in look and feature set to each other, making sure the consumer knows the Plus products are for better players while the regular F7 line is for most every golfer.

Second, it's trying to simplify its customization technology, particularly in the sole of the golf clubs.

Third, it's trying to integrate performance measurement technology into their equipment in a way that hasn't previously been done from a major manufacturer.

They're three excellent goals, and the company hopes the changes and advancements will entice you to put one or all of their products in the bag for next season.


Cobra Golf King F7 and F7+ drivers

The Cobra Golf King F7 and F7+ drivers both have a new three-weight system that is designed to make it easier to change the center of gravity, as well introduce a draw bias. There are two 2-gram weights and one 12-gram weight. Two of the three slots line up with the center of the club face, with one in the front and another in the back. Then, toward the heel, is the draw-bias weight port. Where the 12-gram weight is, that's your preference: low-and-back, lower-and-forward or draw bias. The change here was inspired by consumer feedback that almost universally asked for a draw-bias option.

Both drivers sports a refined forged Ti-811 E9 face that is lighter and thinner, while more weight savings were achieved by using TeXtreme carbon fiber in the crown.

The other eye-catching component of both drivers is an integrated Arccos Golf sensor in the stock Lamkin REL grip. What does that mean? For no extra cost, your new driver will come with the equivalent of the Arccos Driver product, which is $80 normally. That product will integrate with a Cobra-specific app, and it'll help you track your driving using the app and the GPS on your phone. You'll get feedback, data analysis, tips and more.

MyFly8 adjustablility is of course part of the package, though it differs in options between F7 and F7+. On the F7, the eight options range from 9-12 degrees loft with three draw settings at 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degrees. On the F7+, the range is 8-11 degree, with the draw settings at 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degrees.

The F7 driver has a bigger profile than the F7+. It's got a deeper face and a larger footprint (meaning deeper crown) to give it improved moment of inertia characteristics, inspire confidence and improve distance on off-center hits.

The F7+ driver's acoustics have been improved from the F6+ model, which sounded clunky. Now the acoustics more resemble last year's King LTD, which sounded like a million bucks when you hit it.

The Cobra Golf King F7 driver will cost $349 and be available Jan. 13, 2017 with a Fujikura Pro 60 graphite shaft in X-stiff, stiff, regular and lite flexes in black/orange, blue/red/white and silver/yellow colorways.

The Cobra Golf King F7+ driver will cost $399, also available Jan. 13, 2017, with a stock Fujikura Pro XLR8 61 shaft in X-stiff, stiff and regular flexes in black/orange and blue/red/white colorways with a premium matte finish.

Cobra Golf King F7 fairway woods and hybrids

The F7 fairway woods and hybrids utilize the popular Baffler rail structure that makes it easy to pick up the ball from most any lie, including a divot. The front of the fails improve turf interaction, while the back portion of the rails help the club glide out of the shot. The rail heights are shallower in the 3/4 woods and get thicker as loft increases.

Similar to the F7 driver line, the fairway woods, which have a forged 475 stainless steel face in the 17-4 stainless steel body, come with a pair of center of gravity ports, with a 20-gram and a 3-gram weight. With the heavier weight in the back port, the ball launches higher, while it flies lower with the 20-gram weight in the front-center position.

MyFly8 adjustability offers eight loft positions in a three-degree range, with three draw positions on each.

The Cobra Golf F7 fairway woods are available Jan. 13, 2017 in black/orange, silver/yellow and blue/red colorways for $239 each with a Fujikura Pro 65 stock shaft in 3/4 (13 degrees), 5/6 (17 degrees) and 7/8 (21 degrees) options. The women's version of the fairways come in silver with raspberry and black with Lexi blue colorways, using Fujikura Pro 55 graphite stock shafts.

The F7 hybrids, which use a 455 stainless steel face, also have the Baffler rail design, with a fixed-back, 13-gram center of gravity weight to deliver high moment of inertia protection and desired distance. MyFly8 adjustment comes on-board. The Cobra Golf King F7 hybrids will be available Jan. 13, 2017 for $199 each with a black/orange look in 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5 options with a graphite Fujikura Pro 75h shaft. The women's hybrids come in 3-4, 4-5 and 5-6 options with an 8.5-gram fixed back weight.

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