WATCH: Golfer runs into a king cobra (the snake, not the golf club) on the golf course
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WATCH: Golfer runs into a king cobra (the snake, not the golf club) on the golf course

When we're talking about Cobras on the golf course, we're usually thinking about the golf clubs played by the likes of Rickie Fowler and Lexi Thompson.

In this case? No. We're talking about an actual king cobra snake on an actual golf course.

Edward Chuang is a Scotty Cameron aficionado in Taiwan, and he shared a video on Instagram of an encounter with a cobra snake on a golf course. There seems to be some talking off camera about the snake and maybe what to do to get around or avoid the poisonous snake. And then, at some point, I guess they decided to say the hell with it all and throw a golf ball the cobra's way. The ball then hits the cobra, and it makes an absolutely insidious sound in response.

Now, that might seem frightening enough, but, when we went to verify the video as best we could for originality, we ran into what seems like a much scarier video.

A guy named Mike Swick was in Thailand playing golf when, he claims, he turned to see a man running toward him wielding a large stick. Then Swick realized the man was chasing a snake that was heading his way.

Cobra or not, that snake will make you less brave when you stroll into a high-grass hazard to pluck a few Pro V1s.

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