Game Golf launches in-app live leaderboard and game tracking

Game Golf launches in-app live leaderboard and game tracking

The in-round live leaderboard is becoming a popular feature among golfers who are already glued to their phones off (and sometimes on) the course. The feature makes golfers feel a little like the pros they track online, and it also makes keeping track of bets and multi-group games much easier.

Count Game Golf among those platforms now offering a live leaderboard, intertwining the feature with its game-tracking capabilities through either its Game Golf Live device or mobile app.

Golfers can organize a game (stroke and match play, individual and team, with more to come) on the app and invite playing partners to join the game. As the round unfolds, each player tags their shots using Game Golf Live or the mobile app, and then the app takes care of the rest. It keeps track of the match, with and without strokes, and this all blends in with the game-tracking data that Game Golf already offers users. The two big benefits compared to other live leaderboard products is the live stats and game-tracking data, as well not having to manually enter scores after each hole (though you do tag each shot, either in the app or with the Game Golf Live hardware).

You can expect to see steady improvement of these live leaderboard features, as many golfers have said they're clamoring for a way to track games without having to use a scorecard. With a mini digital arms race taking shape, expect to be the beneficiary of cool new features like that make playing golf easier and more fun.

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