PREVIEW: Odyssey Golf Milled Collection RSX putters

PREVIEW: Odyssey Golf Milled Collection RSX putters

Odyssey Golf has been inspired by Phil Mickelson's long-held belief that a 5-footer should look, feel and sound like one off the putter.

With the Milled Collection RSX (meaning "roll and sound experiment"), Odyssey engineers hope they have created a line of putters that match all three of those elements. Available in three head models -- the No. 7, a V-Line Fang mallet and the new No. 001 head, a take on the No. 1 head -- these putters are milled from 1025 carbon steel. They feature sound chamber technology, which sits behind the 17-4 steel Metal-X insert that delivers a crisp sound at impact. The idea is to deliver the right mix of feedback for a player at impact.



The putters have a gorgeous black powder coat look and feature a Cabretta leather grip with a red baseball stitch down the back. As someone who uses a kangaroo leather stitched grip in my gamer, it feels amazing and gets better with time.

The Odyssey Golf Milled Collection RSX putters will be available July 15 for $379 each.