The wind blew Billy Horschel's ball in the water at the Masters' 15th hole
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The wind blew Billy Horschel’s ball in the water at the Masters’ 15th hole

Billy Horschel was blown away on the 15th hole on Saturday at the Masters.

Horschel had replaced his ball on the green at the par 5 and was reading his putt when a gust of wind picked up and pushed his ball down the front slope of the putting surface, down the false front and through the closely-mowed grass back into the water hazard.

Under the Rules of Golf, once a player replaces their ball, even keeping the marker down, anything the ball does because of the wind is considered to have happened on the prior stroke. That meant Horschel was forced to take a drop from the water hazard.


That led to a bogey 6 for Horschel, who fell to 1 over par on the round.

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