PREVIEW: The adjustable Nike Golf Hyperadapt golf bag

PREVIEW: The adjustable Nike Golf Hyperadapt golf bag

Think about what's in your golf bag. Clubs, balls, tees, divot repair tools. The essentials.

Then there's all the stuff that you don't really use: hand warmers, rain suit, bag cover, extra gloves, another towel, maybe a water jug.

However, if you wanted to leave some of that superfluous stuff at home and carry a lighter bag around the course, you've typically had two choices. You could empty all the junk out of your bag, then put it back when you need it. Or you could move all of your essentials into a Sunday bag.

Now, Nike is giving golfers a third option with their Hyperadapt golf bag. The Hyperadapt bag has four pockets -- a waterproof pocket, a cooler pocket, a large cargo pocket and a large waterproof apparel pocket -- which can be taken off using snaps, letting the golfer decide what they're caring and how much storage they have on board the stand bag. Even the stand can come off. Fully stripped down, the Hyperadapt bag becomes the quintessential Sunday carry bag.


With all of the pockets attached, the bag weighs 3.7 lbs. After taking everything off, the bag weighs a meager 1.6 lbs.

The Nike Golf Hyperadapt bag is now available for $350.