VIDEO: Watch a dog push a dead golf cart all on its own
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VIDEO: Watch a dog push a dead golf cart all on its own


Dogs are amazing. They're the best. (Sorry, Cat People.) They help you do work. They're great companions. They help you when you're in trouble.

Case in point, check out what Gracie does for her owner. The battery of her owner's golf cart died on his property, and he might not have been able to push it all the way back toward a garage where it could be charged or repaired. So what does Gracie do? She gets up on her hind legs and pushes the dang thing herself.

That golden retriever has some incredible strength!

We don't know if Gracie got the cart all the way back where it needed to go, but she sure did her part.

Watch the original on YouTube (we stripped out the "Friends" theme song as the background noise)

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