VIDEO: John Daly's one-handed chip part of awesome tag team trick shot

VIDEO: John Daly’s one-handed chip part of awesome tag team trick shot

John Daly is getting ready to take over PGA Tour Champions in May. The two-time major winner's length will be a huge asset among the 50-plus set, but Daly's short-game touch is an under-appreciated part of his game.

Well, let's fix that.

John Daly & Trevor Consavage Trick Shot

John Daly & Trevor Consavage having a little fun on the tee! CC: Trevor "The Macho Man" Consavage Fan Page

Posted by Official Loudmouth Golf on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The folks at Loudmouth Golf, one of Daly's sponsors, posted to Facebook a video of a tag-team trick shot involving Daly and long driver Trevor Consavage. It's a trick shot you've seen before, with the first guy chipping the ball forward to the second guy, who drives the ball with a wound-up swing down the line.

Daly makes it interesting by chipping one-handed to Consavage who does his long-driving thing.

PGA Tour Champions may not be ready for this.