Watch Rory McIlroy deliver his favorite line from 'Happy Gilmore'
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Watch Rory McIlroy deliver his favorite line from ‘Happy Gilmore’

The Adam Sandler golf classic "Happy Gilmore" hit theaters 20 years ago on Tuesday.

So, a number of pros -- many of them who weren't even teenagers yet when the movie debuted -- celebrated the film by looking back at their favorite parts.

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World No. 3 Rory McIlroy was one of those guys, helping out the PGA Tour on Snapchat with a recollection of his favorite scene from the movie, which was when Sandler's Happy Gilmore gets aggravated at his golf ball and mocks the advice of his incredibly illegal on-course teacher Chubbs.

"Just tap it in," Gilmore begins as he's playing in the Waterbury Open. "Just tap it in. Give it a little tappy. Tap, tap, taparoo."

Apparently, however, that wasn't the moment McIlroy wanted to really share.

That IS way better.

McIlroy wasn't done, though. He came back for some more, delivering a scene as nursing home orderly Hal L., played by Ben Stiller, as he's talking to Gilmore's grandma upon arrival to Hal's facility.

And, you know what? McIlroy was better than Stiller. OK, close.