Peyton Manning is going to drink a lot of Budweisers; he's a distributor

Peyton Manning is going to drink a lot of Budweisers; he’s a distributor

After winning Super Bowl 50, Peyton Manning told CBS' Tracy Wolfson that he was going to drink a lot of Budweisers. It probably took a lot of people aback, as Manning isn't the kind of guy to name drop brands while on the field.

However, it wasn't a completely spontaneous thing. In 2014, Beer Business Daily reported Manning owns a stake in a pair of AB InBev distributorships in Louisiana. In other words, he's drinking Budweiser -- and Bud Light, which he explicitly mentioned in a 2014 news conference -- because he can get his hands on some pretty easily.

Manning also got in a more subtle placement for his business interests as soon as his Denver Broncos had officially beaten the Carolina Panthers by a 24-10 count. Manning gave a kiss to John Schnatter, who we all know as Papa John, owner of the Papa John's pizza chain. Manning is a spokesperson and owns a number of Papa John's franchises.

So, in the Nationwide jingle, "That guy knows pro-duct place-ment."

Perhaps Manning, who is expected to retire after this, his second Super Bowl win, can down a few on the golf course, where he carries a USGA handicap index of 4.0.