VIDEO: Pinehurst pro makes 3 putts in 3 directions at the same time
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VIDEO: Pinehurst pro makes 3 putts in 3 directions at the same time

Pinehurst golf instructor Kelly Mitchum loves to three-putt. And you'll love watching him three-putt, too.

You see, Mitchum has a thing for finding a way to get three balls in the hole in remarkable ways. Over the summer, he hit three wildly swinging putts in succession, each of them finding their way into the hole one after another. It was wild.

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Well, Mitchum may have one-upped himself here.

In this video, Mitchum decided to line up all three balls next to each other. Then, with one stroke of one putter, Mitchum hits them all perfectly and they all go in the hole.

Mind. Blown. It takes a lot of skill to hit a ball off the heel, toe and dead middle of the face, much less make them.

It doesn't even matter how many takes it took. That Mitchum got it is fantastic.

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