VIDEO: Jordan Spieth doing the 'Happy Gilmore' swing
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VIDEO: Jordan Spieth doing the ‘Happy Gilmore’ swing

Jordan Spieth did the "Happy Gilmore" swing on Sunday, and it seems like the golf world is eating it up from the two-time major winner.

Spieth was playing in the Grapefruit Pro-Am at Vero Beach Country Club in Florida with country singer Jake Owen, who has competed with Spieth in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, when he decided to let the Happy Gilmore swing rip on the first tee. He executes it beautifully, not only getting the ball out there, but also making sure no one saw it coming until he did it.

Of course, this wasn't quite as great as John Peterson deciding to start an official PGA Tour round with the Gilmore hockey-style golf swing, but it's still very good.

More pros doing the Happy Gilmore swing: