VIDEO: Artist creates painting by smashing balls of paint with golf clubs
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VIDEO: Artist creates painting by smashing balls of paint with golf clubs

There are two schools of thought on the golf swing.

One says it's a thing of beauty, an art form that is hard to understand and easy to appreciate when it works well. The other, motivated by the pursuit of the perfect motion, sees it as a scientific problem, to be understood with observation and measurement.

Chicago-based artist Kyle Fletcher would seem to come down on the former argument. A lover of the golf swing, Fletcher has taken to using it to make intriguing art.

Golf Action Painting from Kyle Fletcher on Vimeo.

In his studio, Fletcher has set up a two-canvas system. One is the tee box, on the ground, and another on the wall. Wearing coveralls and using a Tommy Armour 7-iron, Fletcher takes 72 swings at paint-filled balloons. As the balloon explodes, paint splatters on the two canvases. The tee box canvas looks as you'd think, with paint tending to go in one direction toward the target, with all the swings making a hole.

Via The Creators Project

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