VIDEO: An angry kangaroos chases, nearly catches golfers in a cart

VIDEO: An angry kangaroo chases, nearly catches golfers in a cart

Here's a pro tip: don't piss off a kangaroo.

A couple of Aussie golfers learned that lesson the hard way recently, sharing their mistake on YouTube. James Macklin and Connor Reeves apparently upset a 'roo protecting its territory, so the hopper decided to defend itself by booking it toward the golfers. At first, one of them didn't take it too seriously, with the other, realizing what was happening, yelling for his mate to get in the cart so they could make their escape.

Eventually, the guys get in the cart, in the nick of time, to avoid the kangaroo, which nearly catches them. After a good chase, the kangaroo backs off and heads back to its territory.

Via Aussie Golfer