PREVIEW: Cleveland Golf's 2135 technology aims to help golfers putt better

PREVIEW: Cleveland Golf’s 2135 technology aims to help golfers putt better

When you stand over a putt and line up your blade -- or mallet or other-shaped head -- to the target, how sure are you that you're aiming where you think you're aiming?

Is that alignment marker really pointing you where you want to go?

Cleveland Golf says no. Through some research, the company found that 80 percent of golfers actually line up over a putt with their eyes on the inside of the ball. Just 10 percent have their eyes directly over the ball, while the remaining 10 percent or so have their eyes actually on the outside of the ball. Depending on where your eyes are over the ball, the alignment aid looks different and, therefore, points to something different.

So, Cleveland took the common point where the eye is drawn to, regardless of its position over the ball, when looking at an alignment aid and put it right there, at the 21.35 mm mark, directly behind the middle of the golf ball. The idea, called 2135 technology, hopes to offer consistent help with alignment regardless of how a player putts.

Putters are forthcoming with the technology.