VIDEO: Dustin Johnson's 3-putt that cost him the U.S. Open
U.S. Open

VIDEO: Dustin Johnson’s 3-putt that cost him the U.S. Open

Dustin Johnson had reduced the 600-yard par-5 18th at Chambers Bay to a pitch-n-putt after a driver and a 7-iron had him 12 feet away for a U.S. Open winning eagle. It would be the first eagle to ever win a major championship. However, the putt from behind the hole wasn't easy -- a downhill slider from left to right.

Knowing the speed, Johnson barely touched the putt. It missed the hole, never turning as much as Johnson expected. Then it kept rolling and eeking out a longer birdie putt that would force an 18-hole Monday playoff with Jordan Spieth. It was a 4-foot putt. Jason Day had even showed him the line with his putt to close out the Open. It was a right-edge putt.

Shockingly, Johnson missed. The U.S. Open belonged to Jordan Spieth on a 3-putt par.

It's hard not to feel absolutely sick for Johnson, who has now choked away four major championships on the final day, including the 2010 U.S. Open and PGA Championships and the '11 Open Championship.

However, Johnson played it cool, as he always does, when things do wrong -- or right.

He said, “This is why I play golf. I've got a chance to win the U.S. Open on the last hole. It just didn't work out.”

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