Morgan Hoffmann is a man: Flies his own plane, makes his own food
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Morgan Hoffmann is a man: Flies his own plane, makes his own food

Morgan Hoffmann is a Renaissance Man, at least when it comes to the PGA Tour. In an era when so many middling players fly private, splurge on food and have a posse, Hoffmann is doing things for himself and taking charge at Bay Hill.

Hoffmann fired a 6-under 66 in Round 1 of the Arnold Palmer Invitational to open a one-shot lead.

The 25-year-old flies his own plane, which he bought off Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player Dave Booth, and has had his pilot's license since he was 21. He made the 30-minute flight from Jupiter, Fla., to Orlando for this week's eventĀ on board his Piper Lance turbo prop plane.

But the manliness doesn't stop there. Hoffmann actually cooks the food he eats in-round, carrying them in Tupperware containers, instead of relying on candy and energy bars available for players on the course.

"I go to hotels that have kitchens," Hoffmann said.

It's been a focus for Hoffmann since the off-season, when he tried to put on an additional 15 lbs. He's on a strict diet of proteins and good carbs. So what did he eat Thursday?

"I had bison steak, broccoli and sweet potatoes," he said.

Bison? That's a page out of the late Billy Casper's book. But it's not exactly a convenient snack. So how did Hoffmann eat it?


That's a man right there.


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