Use Buhel SoundGlasses to play golf and have a hands-free phone call

Use Buhel SoundGlasses to play golf and have a hands-free phone call

Sometimes, you just have to take a call on the golf course. For as much as we all don't want to have to pick up the phone during a round, we all have to on occasion.

The problem is that, if you don't want to skip a hole or two, taking a phone call can stall the round for everyone in your group. It's impossible to hold a phone to your ear and simultaneously swing a club like a competent player. And if you have a Bluetooth device in your ear, it shuffles around and can fall out while trying to keep up the pace.

Behold, here's an awesome solution: Buhel SG505 SoundGlasses.

The SoundGlasses ($270) connects to a mobile device via Bluetooth, then relays sound to the wearer via bone conduction. That means there's nothing in your ear as you hear a phone conversation or music streaming to the SoundGlasses. A noise-canceling mic inside the bridge of the sunglasses lets you talk hands-free, too. There's also a hard button to initiate and end calls, as well activate Siri. On a three-hour charge, the glasses can afford three hours' talk time and can remain in standby for 300 hours. The glasses themselves will come with interchangeable lenses.

Here's the catch: The product maker, Atellani, is raising money on Kickstarter to begin production. The good news is they already make similar goggles for skiing. So, for $160 now, you'll get a product that will retail for $270 when on the market.

Via Gizmag