VIDEO: This is the worst golf joke or cutdown in pop culture history
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VIDEO: This is the worst golf joke or cutdown in pop culture history

Every once in a while, golf finds its way into the plot of movies and TV shows. A lot of times, it's a cursory, albeit accurate, insertion into a character's background or where a scene unfolds.

How the 2010 movie "Wild Things: Foursome" -- yes, it's some kind of sequel to the Denise Richards-led "Wild Things" -- incorporated golf into its plot and dialogue, however, is the worst I've ever seen and maybe the worst in major distribution history, even if it was a straight-to-DVD film.

Here's the dialogue:

Carson: How about $10,000?

Rachel: Carson, what are you doing?

Carson: I'm just going to show Shane why he should stick to hustling flat feet at Blue Bay Country Club. What are you now? A par 4?

Shane flashes a sarcastic smile, then his middle finger at Carson.

Rachel: You're going to race, aren't you?

Carson: He's going to race. I'm going to win.

Random Voice: This is like "Divorce Court."

Shane: Only hotter.

Here's how IMDB describes the plot of the film: "A murdered hotel millionaire's son finds himself tangled up in a game of seduction and murder after a raunchy night with three beautiful women."

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