FootJoy's Hyperflex bridges golf and running shoes with exoskeleton

FootJoy’s Hyperflex bridges golf and running shoes with exoskeleton

For a long time, golf shoes seemed to borrow more of their design from dress shoes than running shoes. That's since changed, with, after a flirtation with hybrid-slash-street shoes, a move toward borrowing from athletic designs.

FootJoy has released its latest vision of the athletic golf shoe with its Hyperflex line, available in February.

At its core, Hyperflex is inspired by running shoes, using a soft, breathable mesh material on the upper. However, that material isn't sturdy enough to prevent the foot from moving during the golf swing. FootJoy solved that problem in two ways. First is the concept of the FlexGrid exoskeleton, which is a plastic pattern weaved over the mesh upper that conforms to your foot and provides support. Second is Optimized Performance Stabilizer, a similar, rib-cage-styled feature for rear foot support.

The midsole of the shoe uses a lighter EVA foam, connecting to an outsole designed to work with the golfer's natural motion, sporting additional nubs beyond the spikes for extra traction.

The Hyperflex shoes are available Feb. 15 in five colors at a price of $190