100-year-old Irish woman's secret to a long life? Golf and beer
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100-year-old Irish woman’s secret to a long life? Golf and beer

The adage goes, "Golf is a game you can play for a lifetime." According to one of the newest members of Centenarian Club, that lifetime can last an incredibly long time if it includes golf.

Alice O'Donovan is an Irish woman who just recently turned 100 years old. As publications are wont to do when someone's age hits three digits, the Irish Times asked O'Donovan what her secret was for living so long. The answer was simple and wonderful: air, golf and beer.

O'Donovan doesn't play golf these days, living in a managed-care facility. However, O'Donovan celebrated her birthday at Grange Golf Club in Dublin, where she joined in 1941 and played nearly every day. It's the place where she met her late husband, Tim, with Alice telling the paper she asked him to keep her scorecard since he was the only other person on the course the day they met. They had six children together.

Sounds like a hell of a life, especially if I can just keep doing what I'm already doing!

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