4-year-old golfer yells 'Tiger Woods, you suck!' after own bad shots
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4-year-old golfer yells ‘Tiger Woods, you suck!’ after own bad shots

Samuel Wood is a delightful little boy. The New Zealander is 4 years old and has taken a shining to golf.

Wood has spent time working with Guy Wilson, who guided Lydia Ko to amazing heights. His coach, Dean Kingsbeer, has taught several big golf Kiwi golf prodigies. They both believe Wood has an opportunity to be a special player.

However, Wood has developed a strange habit, according to stuff.co.nz. When he hits a bad shot, he yells at himself, "Tiger Woods, you suck!" Apparently, Wood was, um, inspired by Woods self-berating words on the sixth tee in the 2010 Masters.

At least Wood doesn't include the curse words after that first part.