Golf may soon be coming to a casino near you
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Golf may soon be coming to a casino near you

There are plenty of casino resorts with great golf courses under their ownership or on their property: Shadow Creek and Wynn Golf Club in Vegas, Fallen Oak in Biloxi and plenty of others. However, golf isn't really in the casino itself. But that's about to change.

A couple of Pennsylvania guys, Ben Kowalski and Jeremiah LeClerc, have come up with a casino game that borrows from golf, and it's about to find its way onto a lot of casino floors. The game is called Go Fore It, and it's a card game that is created somewhat in the vain of Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker and Texas Hold 'Em Poker.

The idea is pretty simple, according to Trib Live: A dealer and each player is dealt four cards. Each card has a value, with an ace worth one, a face card worth 10 and each number card playing its value. If the player's four cards total less than the dealer's, the player wins what the creators call a Skins bet.

A player can also win if theirĀ four cards "beat par" by totaling 24 or less. Before the hand, a player must place a Front Nine bet, giving them a look at two of their cards. If, after the reveal, the player is confident their two up and two down cards will add up to 24 points, then they can place a Back Nine bet. If not, they surrender the Front Nine bet.

There's also a Gopher side bet, which pays strictly based on the number of aces in a player's hand, ranging from 2 to 1 for a single ace up to 1,000 to 1 for quad aces.

For what it's worth, casino folks call those games "Carnival Games" because the house has a ridiculous advantage on them compared to practically any other game on the casino floor. However, Bally Technologies, which is a big player in proprietary casino games like this one, bought this game up from Kowalski and LeClerc after playing it just once. The company believes these games are the future for casinos, as they're disarming to folks intimidated by blackjack, craps and other traditional games.

We'll go ahead and stick to blackjack and poker, but don't be surprised to see Go Fore It at a casino soon.

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