FootGolf? FlingGolf? How about Smash Golf?
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FootGolf? FlingGolf? How about Smash Golf?

It seems many in golf think the sport's problem is the game itself is either not enough fun or not fast enough for today's more active lifestyle, which is a balance of looking at our smartphones and shredding K2.

So, golf has tried to come up with variations on golf that are guided by its spirit and rules, but really aren't golf. There's FootGolf, the soccer-golf hybrid that's proven popular in pockets of the country. There's FlingGolf, which is a still-developing lacrosse-golf hybrid that uses a single instrument to sling a golf ball instead of hit it with a bag of clubs.

And now there's Smash Golf, which, as you might guess, is a hybrid of golf and tennis or racquetball or squash or one of those other sports guys in their 40s play. The idea's pretty simple. You get a special ball (not a golf ball, since it would break the racquet in about three swings) and a tennis-style racquet that has a putter head on the bottom of the grip. For each shot, you pick up the ball of the ground and hit it with the racquet toward the hole location, which, unlike FootGolf, is still on the golf putting surface. The course plays shorter with its own system of assigning par.

Yeah, this one's not doing it for me.

Via Florida Today

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