Phil Mickelson's looking a little thinner these days

Phil Mickelson’s looking a little thinner these days

Like most of us, Phil Mickelson fights his weight a little bit. It fluctuates from time to time, and, when it does, Mickelson usually embarks on a plan to get a little more fit.

He's doing that this offseason with performance coach Sean Cochran, according to Golf World. Mickelson is working out early in the morning four days per week with the goal of losing 20 pounds and increasing his swing speed by 10 mph. So far, Mickelson is halfway to his goal, which is pretty good for a 44-year-old guy.

The 2014 campaign was a disappointing one for Mickelson, whose signature finish came as runner-up to Rory McIlroy as the PGA Championship -- Mickelson's only top-10 finish of the year on the PGA Tour. Getting a few extra yards off the tee will help Mickelson keep up with his younger, bomber peers and allow him to continue to flex his muscle with his short game.