VIDEO: The greatest 3-foot putt you'll ever see
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VIDEO: The greatest 3-foot putt you’ll ever see

These kinds of putts are supposed to be mundane and boring, but satisfying: a 3-footer for birdie after a great approach shot. For this golfer, however, he chose to take the long route to birdie.

He was playing the ninth hole at The Golf House Club, Elie, in Fife, Scotland. Knowing he had a huge backstop in back of the green, Greg turned his putter blade away from the hole and toward the mound. With a great putt, the ball had just enough speed to get up the hill and come back down. Then it's tracking, tracking, tracking all the way into the hole.

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It doesn't even matter how many takes this took, or if the last foot or two was edited. This is great.

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