So, apparently Playboy tried to make golf clubs

So, apparently Playboy tried to make golf clubs

At the height of its popularity, Playboy had a ubiquitous cultural presence. It wasn't just a nudie magazine. Really!

Playboy's always had a fondness for golf. It continues today with a series of national golf tournaments. However, when Playboy was trying to venture out as a brand for all kinds of things, Hugh Hefner's enterprise briefly tried to make golf clubs. Now, one of the two full sets of Playboy irons ever made is up for auction on eBay.

Here's the story from the listing:

A widow sold them to me at a garage sale. Her husband was the golf pro at the playboy mansion. A different company wanted to produce and sell clubs with the PLAYBOY LOGO and produced 2 prototype sets. According to the widow, when Heffner saw them he shut them down for using the logo. The pro got to keep the clubs.

The guy wants a minimum of $2,000 for the clubs (which he won't get), but they're cool to see.


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