VIDEO: Golfer in underwear hits shot, slips into hazard, can't get out
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VIDEO: Golfer in underwear hits shot, slips into hazard, can’t get out

Here's a pro tip: If you strip down to your underwear to hit your ball out of a water hazard, stop, put your pants back on and take a drop. You're not Henrik Stenson.

Apparently this lad didn't get that memo and decided to play his ball out of a water hazard. He found himself with a muddy, somewhat slippery stance and was unsure of his stance. When he takes his hack at the ball, he does it with two feet in the mud. First, he misses. Then he slips into the hazard. Then, he can't get out of the hazard. Meanwhile, his friends are laughing at him all the way.

Repeat after me: Just take the drop.

Another good idea? Don't take a full cut while standing on railroad ties at the edge of a hazard.

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