Steve Williams doesn't make list of famous caddies

Steve Williams doesn’t make list of famous caddies

Golf isn't big in the African nation of Uganda, but it does merit some coverage, especially for their national open that was played last week.

One of the stories coming out of the tournament was about a 12-year-old caddie Dunstan Nsubuga. Nsubuga has been a looper for one of the country's best-known players since he was 9 years old.

The Kawowo Sports story isn't all that great, but the unintentional punchline at the end is outstanding.

The author tries to explain what a caddie is and does to the uninitiated, then tries to name some famous caddies at the end. Here's the list he came up with, leaving Tiger Woods' former caddie Steve Williams off the list.

World’s Most Famous Caddies:

Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay, Mike ‘Fluff’ Cowen, Steve ‘Asbestos’ Duplantis, Ron ‘Bambi’ Levin, Carl ‘Skillet’ Jackson, Lance Ten Broeck,  Steven Hale, Basil Vab Rooyen, Don Shule (Ohio Municipal Golf Course), Elisabeth Reaser (Michgan), John Madden (Lake Merced Country Club),Arnold Palmer (Pennyslvania), Martin Sheen (Dayton), Bing Crosby ,Bill Clinton (Arkansas), Bill Murray (Indian Hill, Winnelka), Bob Hope (Cleverland)and Che Guevara (Cordoba, Argentina).

So, Steve Williams isn't good enough, but Bill Murray is? That's a "Cinderella" story.