Goodbye World. Mitch and Darin’s final Talking GolfGetaways podcast (or is it?)
Talking GolfGetaways

Goodbye World. Mitch and Darin’s final Talking GolfGetaways podcast (or is it?)


They dared to say (jokingly): “Hello World.” That was many years ago on the very first episode of the “Talking GolfGetaways” podcast. And now, after 180-plus episodes — and far too many amazing places and interesting guests to properly name and thank — hosts Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch are taking a break (not unlike Ross and Rachel). The busy lives of the dynamic podcast duo (plus the growing media empire of producer Kris McEwen) have resulted in this final episode (of sorts).

And what an episode it is. Yoko Ono, Dawson’s Creek, Syngenor and Darin taking credit for pretty much everything in the world of golf and beyond are just a few of the highlights. Along the way, beverages are consumed (especially, as is tradition, every time a certain “golf photographer extraordinare” is mentioned), Mitch gets weepy and the threesome reflect on the amazing journey that golf and its many travels has laid out for them — from Scotland and Nova Scotia to French Lick and, of course, Sanford, North Carolina. New thoughts, old thoughts and everything in between — plus a lot of laughter — give the “Talking GolfGetaways” franchise a fitting sendoff.

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And the people. So many voices that have scripted our adventures. We can’t possibly list them all here, but Mitch, Darin and Kris do their best to give credit where so much credit is due — from authors and journalists to golf-course architects and the many personalities who make the game fun and human and so much more interesting than we could ever be.

In the end, we hope this “final” episode encapsulates everything you’ve enjoyed about “Talking GolfGetaways” over the years — good friends talking about the game we love and the places it takes us. And even the word “final” isn’t exactly final. It’s not like Darin, Mitch and Kris are disappearing the from the scene. Darin will continue his work helping Rams Hill elevate into a world-class destination club; Mitch (when not traveling with “Bob and Vicki”) will continue to stay close to the game while hosting friends far and wide at The Barn, his new golf simulator in Myrtle Beach; and Kris will continue to record his many podcasts (check out “Golf Origin Stories” if you’re not already a subscriber) and talk about obscure Chicago house music. And you never know when we might get together to forge something new.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the connection. Many connections, actually. Thank you for listening and “running down the dream” with us.

—Words by Darin Bunch

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