Talking GolfGetaways 122: Photography, Scotland and the soul of Christian Hafer golf
Talking GolfGetaways

Talking GolfGetaways 122: Photography, Scotland and the soul of Christian Hafer golf


In Episode 122 of the “Talking GolfGetaways” podcast (presented by 2UNDR apparel, use GNN20 for 20% off your order!), we bring you an in-depth conversation with one of the more creative and passionate people in the world of golf — photographer Christian Hafer (@hafe_life on Instagram). Hosts Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch explore the journey that has brought Christian to the forefront of new golf influencers by virtue of his stunning, classically-influenced photos and a rare, humble view of his place in the game.

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The conversation opens with a discussion of Christian’s recent trip to Scotland with Erik Anders Lang (and how Darin often followed closely in their footsteps during his much of his own journey across the country at the same time), and illustrates the unusual connection Hafer has with a deeper meaning of the game. Christian details his feelings on visiting Scotland for the first time, plus shares his thoughts on the depth of his experiences with the country’s courses and people. He spotlights a memorable afternoon round at Western Gailes, explaining why the course provided a true introduction to the unique joy of Scottish golf — and the circumstances that led up to one of his favorite photographs of the “cross” green-location sign on the long par-4 17th.

The interview then moves into Christian’s introduction to golf as a young boy. He shares stories of his father’s early influence, talks about how his love of photography and snowboarding propelled him on a future career path, and explains how he applies a classic photojournalist’s mindset to capturing the game of golf in a most unique way.

Finally, Christian shares his upcoming, expanding schedule of golf trips for 2019, a year that promises to place him and his work in front of many more golfers who are rapidly becoming Christian Hafer fans — just as we have become.

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