REVIEW: Clicgear Model 4.0

REVIEW: Clicgear Model 4.0

GolfBoards and motorized golf bikes are great every now and then. Something new. Something trendy.

But what never gets old is a good walk in golf, and if your bag is too heavy to carry, but you really love to walk, a good push cart goes (and helps you go) a long way. Clicgear is one of several companies providing you with good cart options, but they distinguished themselves from the pack with Model 3.5 and only further enhance their appeal with this technological marvel, the Model 4.0.

Debuting at the 2020 PGA Show, Clicgear Model 4.0 is smooth as butter on a tasty hot roll.


NEW FEATURES: The “infinitely adjustable” silicone bag strap system is unique and “Gumby” flexible -- so flexible you can attach a 185-pound man to the cart and easily roll him around. That’s great if you like push-cart rides or if your golf bag is “oversized” and has presented challenges for you on other carts. In fact, Clicgear furthered that flexibility this year by changing the upper saddle to fit bigger bags and even fixed their lower saddle to prevent bag rubbing on the wheel irritation. While I preferred the “look” of the straps on Model 3.5, I’ll concede that all of these changes are improvements.

DEFINING FEATURES: Coming in at only 21 pounds, made from aircraft-grade and scratch-resistant aluminum, this sucker is sturdy. The extra storage space is appreciated, the hand brake works great even with a 185-pound “bag,” and I have to restate my appreciation for the fact the golf bag doesn’t drag on the front wheel.

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: If you’d rather have a small cart than a good cart you might look elsewhere. Compacted, this cart is 26" x 16" x 14". Additionally, Clicgear carts have never been the easiest to untangle. That said, once you figure it out, future detangling is a piece of cake and you’ll appreciate how incredibly durable, smooth and attractive this cart is. Model 4.0 comes in Black, White, Silver and six other bold color schemes. I went with the Lime green because they didn’t have “Irish Green.” Close enough.

COMPARABILITY: This is the smoothest rolling cart I’ve ever tested, even on snow, and as much as I loved Clicgear’s Model 3.5, I do think this one is even better.

COST AND VALUE: Retailing at $260, it’s certainly not cheap. But, if you walk 10 rounds of golf this year instead of riding in a cart it pays for itself, and then you have it to use for a lifetime (which it should last for) -- for free. I consider that both valuable and invaluable.

If you care about how your cart looks, this cart is a beauty. (And you can personalize it with other trim and wheel kits.)

If you care about functionality, this cart rolls with ease, has all the accessories (cup holder, umbrella mount, golf ball, pencil, scorecard and tee holders) and comes with accessory tabs for additional, optional, Clicgear enhancements.

The straps are a bit different, but they do absolutely zero damage to your golf bag and can literally tie in most anything. I prefer to walk over riding when I golf, and a cart like this makes that decision an even more luxurious one.

Eric Hart was provided equipment for review by the manufacturer.

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