The East Coast 18: Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club

Ocean Edge Resort, MA: A Golden (Bear) Cape Cod stay and play experience


Everyone’s heard of Cape Cod. You just might not have known it was in Massachusetts. On the other hand, you might have known it was in Massachusetts, but thought it was a lot closer to Boston than it is. The (Cape Cod) peninsula begins about 60 miles southeast of Bean Town -- in Sandwich, well past Plymouth Rock. In fact it might even be quicker to take the Mayflower II east across Cape Cod Bay to get there.

I make the point of proximity to show you how Bostonians regard the beautiful beach-bound peninsula as an idyllic es-Cape -- close to home, but not too close. And as impossible as it might be to secure last-minute overnight accommodations on the cape during the summer, if you plan ahead, you just might get to stay at Ocean Edge Resort.

Oh, there are many great places to stay on the cape. But not all of them have the resort amenities -- and beachside lodging -- of Ocean Edge. The Mansion side of the property features the expansive Presidential Bay Collection of two- and three-bedroom villas adjacent the private beach. And the Villages side of the property showcases the Nicklaus Design golf course with more modern one-, two- and three-bedroom villas, more beach access and a number of indoor and outdoor pools. I’m sure all of the resort’s dining spots are great, but the Bayzo’s Pub atmosphere and diverse collection of cod tacos, crabcakes and grilled swordfish are great. I could easily spend all of my sunsets on the Ocean Terrace (arguably the best view of Cape Cod Bay for miles) chilling around the fire with a drink and some fresh New England clam chowder.

The marquee amenity -- beyond the beach, of course -- is the otherwise private Nicklaus Design golf course. Resort guests join club members in having exclusive access to the rather challenging Troon Prive-managed course, with a handful of gorgeous holes like the par-3 eighth and par-4 14th. The course is quite an adventure from beginning to end, with Jack’s tough greens and dangerous bunkers. In many ways it was tough to golf on such a beautiful day, so close to the beach, but that’s the ultimate perk of this gorgeous resort -- you truly can have it all!

Cape living is great living, for a day, week or extended summer vacation, and Ocean Edge resort grants you a glamorous lease on that luxurious lifestyle.

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