The best golf apps for the Apple Watch

The best golf apps for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch is an incredible piece of technology which takes much of what your iPhone can do and places it on your wrist. If you are someone who is constantly using your iPhone to send messages, make calls, organize your day and more, the Apple Watch is an investment worth considering. Of course, the usefulness of your Apple Watch doesn’t have to stop with practical everyday tasks - this product can be used to enhance your enjoyment of golf as well. There are a number of golf apps for the Apple Watch, giving you yet another reason to consider purchasing this fashionable accessory.

Golf GPS apps: Finding your distance

On the course, it probably isn’t a surprise to learn that one of the best ways in which the Apple Watch can add to your golf game is by using it as a GPS device. When you download the right application which will work with your iPhone and Apple Watch, you will suddenly have access to yardages right there on your wrist. Sure, there are specific GPS watches designed for golf, but those products don’t have the other capabilities of the Apple Watch. This way, you can use your watch as a GPS device while golfing, and then use it for a million other things when your round is complete.

One of the best GPS apps for use with your Apple Watch is Golf Shot’s Golf GPS & Scorecard. This app offers many of the same pieces of information that are available through a traditional GPS device, so you should have everything you need to plan perfect shots. On the apple watch you are able to see the hole you are playing, par of that hole, and distances to the pin. Additionally, you can use the app to keep score if you would like, and there is a shot tracking feature as well. Considering the fact that this is a free app, it is hard to imagine doing much better from a performance standpoint.

Golfshot is not the only golf GPS app available for Apple Watch. GolfLogix has another decent offering which is free to use at the basic level, and offers in-app purchases to add to the experience similar to golfshot. Once you get used to using your Apple Watch as a GPS device, it is likely that you will no longer want to go back to any other option.

Improve your swing

You don’t have to stop with simple yardages when trying to get the most from your Apple Watch purchase. You can also use this device to track the quality of your swing, with the help of some specific swing analyzing software. There are a few competitors in this space, with one of the leaders being Zepp. The Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer is a system which works with your iPhone and Apple Watch in order to deliver powerful information to you which can help to fine tune your swing. By simply wearing a small tracker on your glove as you swing, the Zepp system will quickly provide you with everything you need to make the proper adjustments to your technique.

There are several pieces of information displayed on your Apple Watch when you use the Zepp system during a practice session. Of course, club head speed will be one of the main data points that you can monitor, as well as club plane and tempo. You can also tell the app which club you are using directly through the watch, so you don’t need to retrieve your phone each time you wish to hit a different club. Although the app itself is free, you will have to pay for the tracker in order to use this system.

Other Apps to Add to Your Golf Experience

So far, the apps we have mentioned have been golf-specific in nature. However, you can actually improve your days on the course by using some apps for the Apple Watch which are not specific to golf at all. The list below includes three Apple Watch apps which nearly every golfer will find useful.

  • Google Maps: You probably already have this app on your iPhone, and it makes a natural addition to your Apple Watch. Getting to the course on time is an essential part of every round - if you miss your tee time, after all, the apps listed above will be of no use. This app will help you pick the best route to get to the course, and it will direct you to the course if you are playing a new track for the first time. Considering the usefulness of this app for getting to the course on time - and for getting anywhere else you need to go - this should be an easy pick.
  • Dark Sky Weather: Unfortunately, the weather does not always cooperate with your golf plans. If you play in a part of the world where rain and other inclement weather is par for the course, you will want to add the Dark Sky Weather app to your digital toolbox. This app is adept at tracking precipitation and notifying you when rain or snow is on the way - information that every golfer can appreciate.
  • Messages: Of course, this is an app that you already have on your watch, but it can help you on the golf course by keeping your attention on the task at hand. If you have snuck out for a quick round on a work day, for instance, having messages on your watch can help you respond quickly when needed without reaching for your phone. Spending more time with your phone in your bag and your eyes on the course is music to every golfer’s ears.

The Apple Watch might not seem like a piece of golf equipment at first, but it sure can do a lot of things that golfers will appreciate. If you do decide to make the Apple Watch part of your own course gear, be sure to test out some of the apps we have listed above. Have fun out there!

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