Michelle Wie did some beer drinking and twerking after U.S. Women's Open
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Michelle Wie did some celebratory beer drinking and twerking after U.S. Women’s Open


If you haven't become a fan of Michelle Wie after watching her win the U.S. Women's Open this past weekend, we're not sure what to tell you. But maybe this video will help.

Wie said she was going to have a lot of fun celebrating her first major championship win, and the 24-year-old Stanford grad definitely did that.


Friend J.P. Kennedy shared some videos of Wie and her supporters celebrating on Instagram, including Wie drinking some brews from the U.S. Women's Open trophy and wall twerking. The content has since been taken down from Instagram but quickly surfaced on YouTube because nothing's ever deleted from the internet.

This is precisely what I'd be doing if I won a major title at 24. Hell, if I won any title in golf at any age. Go, Wisey, go. You earned it.


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