Write for Golf News Net

Write for Golf News Net

Golf News Net wants to be a haven for talented writers to showcase their talents. That's why we've launched a paid contributor program.

We're looking for writers who have projects they want to publish that may not otherwise have a home at another Web-based outlet or in a magazine. That could mean a pet project that just doesn't fit the scope of what similar publications are accepting. It could be a research project that needs a home for future reference. So long as your work is compelling and has your full passion behind it, Golf News Net is open to publishing your byline.

While we would love to support writers with a flat fee based for each article produced, we're not yet at that stage of our business. Contributors will be paid solely on the traffic performance of their work, with contributors receiving 100 percent of our current advertising revenue for the visitors their work attracts. That means you'll never feel the need to supply filler to hit a word count, just simply bring eyeballs to see your work -- which is something you do anyhow.

For Golf News Net, the benefit is multi-faceted. We diversify the voices on our site, which has always been part of our goals. We bring new eyeballs to our site, which grows our audience. Best of all, we get to offer paid opportunities to write with us.

We also recognize the value of golf-related businesses producing their own content, looking to publish these SEO-driven guest posts as a form of marketing. We do publish these types of pieces for a fee of $100 per piece. They are marked as sponsored and there must be a clear explanation at the bottom of the piece who sponsored the content and where the links go.

If you have questions about the program or would like to express interest, you can email Ryan Ballengee.


For just $30/1 year, you’ll access:

  • Stories, news analysis and columns from Ryan Ballengee, the GNN team and special guest authors
  • Winning PGA Tour models, research tools as well as DFS and betting picks
  • A $10 credit from Golf Scouts, our golf accessories business
  • Priority access to future Golf News Net events



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